What Is A License?

When you make a purchase on Madfireon, you do not acquire the full rights of the app template but a “license of use” that allows you to use the template on one of your projects for either personal or commercial use. Every app template listed on Madfireon can be sold only one time to different publisher in need of launching their own app; we will maintain the code and provide updates, support, and new releases.

What you can do:

  • Integrate the App Template in one App or project for personal or commercial use,
  • Reskin, modify, adapt or translate the App Template in one stand-alone App or project.

What you cannot do:

  • Integrate, reskin, modify, adapt or translate the App Template in more than one App or project,
  • Resell or distribute the App Template “as-is”, whether alone or as part of an App, a project or a collection of Apps or projects,
  • Resell or distribute the template licensed by Madfireon, whether “as-is” or modified.