Every Developer need UI elements to build apps or games. Get this simple asset which contain basic UI elements to make interfaces. This pack contain 74 distinct icons out of which 48 icons have 2 types of color black and white and 2 different size. Make sliders , progress bars , menus is no time. Get this asset and start building your UI.

3D Truck Models

It’s a collection of 4 low poly trucks. Best suited for mobile games and low poly scenes. Keeping in mind the performance of mobile devices they are made with minimum vectors and triangles. The prefabs are set to the basic settings and ready to roll.

2D Splatter Effect

2D Splatter Effect is a simple solution to add amazing splatter effect in a 2D game.
The asset comes with 4 example scene with each having different mechanism on how to use the splatter effect.

Maths Challenge

Hello, all quiz lovers! “Maths Challenge” is a “free trivia quiz” that will keep you awake even during late hours and which can help you practice math for exams or you can simply play it for fun. “Maths Challenge” is a complete multi platform mathematical skill game ready to be published.

Mega Art Pack

Its the collection of over 150 art assets includes 2D , Isometric , GUI and much more

Warriors Vs Monsters

Warriors Vs Monster is amazing 2D Tower Defence game like Plant vs Zombies. With your army of warriors protect your empire from the evil monsters of hell. And best part of this asset is that its free.