1. What will I get after I purchase a complete project?

– Buying a complete project from Madfireon gives you first the full source code of the project.
– A complete documentation attached along makes it easier for you to further modify the project.
– Buyers will receive lifetime access to updates for free.
– Full technical support from the Madfireon team.

2. Can I use the Complete Projects multiple times?

The projects on Madfireon is allowed to use only single time. You can publish your game in multiple stores, but creating multiple games with the project is not allowed.

3. How can I launch my own game?

You can use the same game asset to launch the game or create your own. We don’t provide any reskin services. You need to do either of the following:
– Reskin the project yourself
– Hire a professional that provides reskin services.

4. What Happens If The Item I Purchased Is Not Compatible?

We offer no refunds in this case. Please make sure your software is compatible before your purchase.

5. What to do if Item is Not Working Correctly?

If the item you purchased is not working as described, please contact us at madfireongames@gmail.com. Try to accurately detail the problem you have so we can provide you best solution.